A Letter from Chris

Some thoughts about this site and why it’s here. 

10516843_10152395925029234_3547586388333112555_nHELLO. Welcome to what is my personal website and blog. Work matters are one focus of the site – and those pages are designed with commerce in mind – but the rest of it is play. I’d call it a sandbox, but it’s not 1995. Of course, work and play are the same things these days… unless you’re a brain surgeon or an obstetrician, obviously. Or most other jobs, now I come to think about it. Or unemployed. OK: scrap that. I apologise.

I like to imagine that I offer a different slant on things, and so the design has its own slant too. Too literal? Well, let’s agree to call it ‘wonky’ instead. You might prefer to substitute a different vowel for the ‘o’. But if you just want some perpendicular portal full of clickbait and cats then read the Huffington Post.

So why launch a personal website now, after so many years of not having one?

On a trip somewhere recently, I noticed one of those ‘Self Storage’ warehouses and it occurred to me to interpret that idea literally. This website, then, is a warehouse in which I’ve stored myself: everything I am and have ever been, and everything I’ve done since I was born that might be of interest to someone. (Don’t discount the child you once were. After all, he/she might have been right all along.) 

The future is coming eventually

Increasingly, this site will look to the future and to new projects. Got something exciting planned and think I might be able to help? Then check out the Journalist, Magazine Editor, Author, Book Editor, Designer, and Strategist Magazine pages. Or perhaps the Musician and Photographer pages instead.

Elsewhere, you’ll find plenty to entertain, baffle, challenge (perhaps), and amuse – especially if you like penguins, umbrellas, Elvis impersonators, vampires, and stories about urinating on Simon Mayo. Like robots? Check out Stanley Qubit. Want to know more and contact/follow me? Go here.

Some of this site might seem like showing off. That’s not the intention, I’ve just been alive for a long time and I’ve tried to be useful. I’ve always worn a lot of ‘hats’; that made me unusual for a while, but today everyone does it. By sheer fluke, the world has moved a little closer to the way I’ve always been. So, I’m just documenting the things I’ve done before they vanish for good.

But if it does come across as showing off, then console yourself with the thought that some embarrassing accident is probably lying in wait for me just around the corner. Check out Publishing Tales if you don’t believe me.

So is this website just a giant selfie? Yes. I hate selfies, but if you’re going to take one, you may as well really take one, with a selfie-stick so long that it shows your footprints stretching back over the horizon and reveals you to be just a pixel in a massive real world of change. So much change, in fact, that all the old ideas – print, vinyl, handmade, service, community – now seem radical, new, and exciting. (I never stopped believing in them.)

You’ll notice that many entries are written in the third person: I question it too. The long explanation is that the person I’m writing about on those pages doesn’t exist anymore, and all I’m left with are stories. So I’ve just tried to tell those stories as best as I can.

But the short explanation is that I started writing it that way, CV style, and never got round to changing it. So: pretentious or ‘doesn’t like reversing’. One of those is the truth. Either way, my story is exactly the same: truth doesn’t rely on grammatical conventions, does it? And as Mark Twain said, being honest means you don’t have to remember anything.

• By the way, I should warn you – well, tip you off, at least – that you’ll also find excerpts from novels, songs, and even poetry here. In my defence, Faber were going to publish the poems (I dropped the ball), one of the stories won a national prize, and BBC 6Music played some of the songs. So: if you don’t like any of them, blame the media. Or better still, just make something better.

Warning: this site contains Me, one artificial additive (called christopher rye), and several other ingredients. None of it’s fattening, though. I can vouch for that.

By the way, to return to the homepage just click the ‘Cm’ logo wherever you see it.


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