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Facial recognition: Will a future criminal be wearing your face? (Hack & Craft News)

AI and automation: The real political cost (diginomica)

Agtech: Where field and server farms meet (Hack & Craft News)

UK AI report: academic, disconnected, disappointing (diginomica)

TfL sweeps Uber off London’s streets. What are the implications? (Computing)

Make developers sign Hippocratic Oath, says ethics report (Computing)

Facebook hands over 3,000 Russia-linked ads. What next? (Computing)

Skills and education: The real robot battleground (diginomica)

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: the IT challenge (diginomica)

The UK’s automation strategy: Good idea, or economic suicide? (diginomica)

How to build a benevolent robot (diginomica)

Did Jeremy Corbyn really call for a robot tax? (diginomica)

Industrial robotics: PAL manufacturing vs. the new China Syndrome  (diginomica)

AI Uber alles? How technology can enhance society, not replace it  (diginomica)

Theresa May’s Japan trip may have major tech impacts (Computing)

We fear tech disruption rather than embrace it: report (Computing)

Calling Doctor Robot: The ethical and technical obstacles (diginomica)

Rolls Royce’s robotic jet engine surgery  (Hack & Craft News)

Is AI automating racism? (LinkedIn)

Why a quarter of workers really could be robots (Hack & Craft News)

IT procurement should focus on business need, not cost (diginomica)

How to navigate AI’s ethical minefield (diginomica)

Is government impeding the robot revolution? (diginomica)

Rise of the Britbot: UK Robotics Week reveals great progress (diginomica)

Global innovation report: Why the UK must change its tune (Hack & Craft News)

GDPR, Brexit, and surveillance: the perfect storm (Hack & Craft News)

How technology is changing the news itself (Hack & Craft News)

Sugar launches Relationship Intelligence (diginomica)

A manifesto for digital change: Education and skills (Hack & Craft News)

Why the New York Philharmonic is a maestro at content management (diginomica)

CERN’s asset management super-collider (Hack & Craft News)

Apple goes sweet on Sugar CRM (Computing)

Hermes delivers self-driving robots to London’s streets (diginomica)

Think tank claims robots and AI will claim 250,00 public sector jobs (diginomica)

AI: friend or foe? Part 1 (Hack & Craft News)
AI: friend or foe? Part 2 (Hack & Craft News)

Make way for the Eurobot! Brussels seeks to regulate robots and AI (diginomica)

How Amazon’s Echo could kill marketing (diginomica)

The boy who marketed the future (LinkedIn)

Chris’ #DMWF blog

IBM’s Watson puts AI in the cloud (diginomica)

Make way for the robot wealth manager (Computing)

Rise of the Robots (two-part report on this website)

Salesforce’s theory of AI with everything (#DMWF)

Fitbits and vempires: Why consumers want their data back – DMWF keynote speech (LinkedIn)

Brexit report: High-tech investment (Computing)

Brexit report: Data governance and antitrust (diginomica)

Brexit report: Skills and youth (LinkedIn)

Keeping data secure in the mobile age (The Times/Raconteur)

The Political Algorithm

SKA: The biggest big data project in the universe (diginomica)

Why we need personal APIs in the age of Spotify’s ‘privacy’ policy (diginomica)

IT giants form coalition to fight surveillance proposals (

EDF’s pretty big diversity disaster (diginomica)

Dropbox: does half a billion users equal a viable business? (UCInsight)

The CEO interview: Steve Kokinos, Fuze (UCInsight)

Wake up! The cloud doesn’t exist (

Government surveillance review “a stitch up”, says MP (

Why robots should be kept out of finance and accounting (diginomica)

UK losing £30bn to ‘information bomb’ claims defence secretary (Computing)

Microsoft must restore cloud reputation after Skype outage (

The snooper’s nightmare: why surveillance will put one million children at risk

Why Gartner’s got it wrong about retail analytics (diginomica)

Chris Middleton meets Buzz Aldrin

The School of Gabriel: Peter Gabriel vs. Alain de Botton

BlackBerry shrivels – but confirms Android privacy device (Computing)

Microsoft: New light, old Windows (Strategist/Computing)

2015 Budget report (Computing)

Women in open source often harassed (Computing)

Cisco’s Chambers looks back… (

HP’s identity crisis (Strategist)

Lessons in leadership from a nuclear submarine captain (Strategist)

Digital Dystopia

Why telecoms customers always lose (Strategist)

How the smartphone market could implode (Strategist)

Why the robot banking machine doesn’t add up (diginomica)

Sir Tim Berners-Lee interview (Strategist)

The war against women (Strategist)

Music retailer strikes the right note with AI (diginomica)

Gartner’s not-so-smart take on the IoT (diginomica)

PayPal outage: money ‘vanishes into thin air’ (Computing)

The BBC’s digital disaster (Strategist)

The digitally excluded: Why 10% may be offline forever (Strategist)

NRF15 New York retail conference report (diginomica)

NRF15: SAP on retail’s big picture (diginomica)

Organisations need the cloud for unified communications (UCInsight)

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