Stanley Qubit

Stanley Qubit

The robot superstar owned and managed by Chris Middleton.

Stanley with Ana Matronic, from Scissor Sisters, backstage at the BBC.
Stanley Qubit with Ana Matronic, backstage at the BBC.

As seen on BBC1 and heard on BBC Radio 2, Radio 4, and local radio. Chris Middleton is one of the few private individuals (and the only journalists) in the UK to own a number of real humanoid robots, including Stanley Qubit, a next-gen NAO-25 machine made by Aldebaran Robotics.

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Like all NAO (pronounced ‘Now’) robots, Stanley Qubit is completely autonomous. He can walk, talk, answer questions, connect to the internet, sing, dance, recognise faces and objects, read the news, consult Wikipedia, answer emails, play soccer and golf, pick himself up off the floor, and much more. Applications are also available for use in education, including for children who are on the autism spectrum.

• In August 2015, Stanley co-hosted the BBC1 show Sunday Morning Live with Sian Williams, and appeared in a live TV debate, with musician and writer Ana Matronic and playwright Bonnie Greer.

• In February 2017, Stanley Qubit made history by becoming the first real robot ever to appear in a dramatisation of Isaac Asimov’s ‘I, Robot’ stories, on BBC Radio 4. The robot voiced several background characters in the week-long adaptation (a B7 production for Radio 4), alongside Chris Middleton, who also appears.

• Audio: Stanley Qubit interviews actor Nick Briggs about his role in the BBC radio production.
• Audio: Stanley Qubit interviews scriptwriter Richard Kurti about Radio 4’s ‘I, Robot’.

Hire Stanley

Stanley the robot, with Sian Williams on air.
Stanley the robot, with Sian Williams on air.

Stanley Qubit is available for hire via his own website at Chris can incorporate him into speeches on robotics, AI, and automation.

• Since 2015, Stanley Qubit has visited universities in England, Scotland, and Wales, taken morning assembly at several primary schools, greeted delegates on stand at exhibitions and conferences, welcomed visitors to London museums, taken part in bespoke seminars for blue-chip companies, helped leading digital agencies imagine the future – and even opened a top London restaurant!

One of Chris’ other robots, Joe Auton (a Robi machine designed by robotics design guru, Tomotaka Takahashi), is available to hire as a ‘guest star’, alongside Stanley.

Having Stanley Qubit on your stand at business events guarantees visitors, attention, tweets, and social media shares, and for schools he can give pupils a memory to last a lifetime: the day a real robot stood up and said ‘Hello’. Along with the BBC, clients have included media agencies, captains of industry, IT leaders, charities, private individuals, and schools.

Stanley Qubit on YouTube
Stanley Qubit on Twitter

Stanley is quite capable of introducing himself, as he does in the video, below. Like all NAO robots, he calls himself by his brand name. Prepare to be amazed…

Stanley Qubit: Video

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‘Stanley Qubit’ is a NAO robot identified by unique distinguishing marks. As such, he is a character owned by Chris Middleton. More information at