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Strategist Layout 7Launched in Spring 2014Strategist magazine (aka ‘the Strategist’) is a title that Chris conceived, researched, developed, designed, edited, and published himself: a quarterly boutique print magazine for the boardroom table and the business lounge, which capitalises on the current boom in high-end print publications.

Strategist presents strategic insight to business leaders; people for whom impact, social entrepreneurship, ethics, globalisation, the digitally enabled enterprise, and more, are core concerns. Strategist is a personal assistant in magazine form for people at the tops of their professions, with high-level advice, reports, profiles, exclusive interviews, and independent analysis.

Contributors have included: Professor Leslie Willcocks of the LSE; Professor Moira Clarke of Henley Business School; author Alastair Dryburgh; tech journalist Stuart Lauchlan; consultant Neil Gibb, two leading international economists; and many others, including Chris himself. Features have included interviews with Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Marc Benioff and other leading CEOs, and even a nuclear submarine commander. Plus: business guides to New York, South Africa, speaking in public, and much more.

There are ambitious plans for Strategist magazine to be an umbrella brand for conferences and boutique events, with one-to-one mentoring on areas such as leadership, public speaking, and more. Chris is seeking investors and partners who can help give this flagship title the platform it deserves.

Digital edition:

StratSitePlease note: the Strategist website is currently offline for redevelopment, and will relaunch later in 2017.

Strategist is not just a print magazine. A complementary mobile-first digital edition can be found at, which Chris also developed, designed (with Mike Jenkins), and launched. With a grid of colour-coded content designed to engage readers with long-form editorial, is a world away from the news-portal model of most online magazines.

Its slow, curated approach is a deliberate attempt to shift professional publishing away from what Chris calls “clickbait and cats” and towards content that isn’t defined by time. “We publish more, but a lot less frequently, rather than very little all of the time,” he says. “For years I was told that no-one reads long-form content online, but that’s nonsense: on mobiles and tablets, there’s no distinction between an ebook and a website. So we’ve taken the decision to only publish long-form articles.

“It’s working: our analytics tell us that far more people spend up to six minutes on each page than click off and go somewhere else. Every page on the site has an average readership time of minutes, not seconds. People even voluntarily click on the clearly marked ads, which never compete for their attention or get in the way of what they’re reading.”



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