Robots, skateboards, rare vinyl, moon memorabilia, Deco, and more…

Chris collects a huge and eclectic variety of things, from rare vinyl records (including many rarities from Pink Floyd, David Bowie, and Kate Bush), to robots (real ones, toy ones, artworks, and figures); 1960s space toys; moon-landings memorabilia (some signed by his hero, Buzz Aldrin); 1970s skateboards (G&S Fibreflex decks, Gull Wing trucks, and Kryptonics wheels); modern longboards (some custom made); new print magazines (first issues); signed Ray Bradbury books; guitars; books; clothes (including an early Alexander McQueen concept piece, acquired shortly before McQueen passed away); movies (Chris has about 3,000 movies from around the world, some of them extremely rare); photographs; posters; and Deco, Bauhaus, Atomic Age, Space Age, and Modernist furniture, artwork, and designs. Chris is an authority on many of these areas.

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