We Are the Robots

Chris looks at the dangerous rise of machine decision-making. The[…]

The Golden Arrow

A chapter excerpt from a forthcoming novel by Chris Middleton[…]

Miss Edie

A new recreation of Chris’ national prize-winning short story[…]


Robots, skateboards, rare vinyl, moon memorabilia, Deco, and more…[…]


A visual miscellany of things that Chris loves, does, or follows[…]

Publishing Tales

Weird scenes, strange people and casualties on the media front line[…]

Early Life

Clicky the Space-Age Boy and other strange, true tales[…]


A selection of christopher rye (Chris Middleton) music recordings[…]


The nocturnal world of Chris’ fictional music alter ego[…]

Song Lyrics

Brief excerpts from the lyrics of Chris’ huge songbook[…]

Video Box

Live in concert excerpts, plus selected promo music videos[…]

2015 BLOG

A strong, clear signal in a world of noise.[…]