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Short corporate bio and images for clients and PRs.[…]

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Phone: 07986 009109 / Email: / Twitter: @strategistmag[…]

Strategist Magazine

Leadership, organisations, people, technology, world affairs, and business travel.[…]


Chris is one of the UK’s leading business IT journalists.[…]

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Links to recent features, news stories, and blogs by Chris[…]

Magazine Editor

Editor of Computing, CBR, Strategist, Professional Outsourcing, and more.[…]

Book Editor

Editor of books on photography, design, movies, and more.[…]


Designer of Strategist, Child Internet Safety, and Professional Outsourcing.[…]


Author of several illustrated books – and two forthcoming novels.[…]


Chris is a trained mentor and does voluntary education work.[…]


Black & white film portraits, and others, by Chris.[…]

Robotics Expert

Journalist, author, collector – and robot hire for events[…]

Stanley Qubit

Chris owns a genuine humanoid robot, which you can hire.[…]

We Are the Robots

Chris Middleton looks at the dangerous rise of machine decision-making.[…]

When SEO attacks!

How our obsession with SEO fills the internet with garbage. It’s[…]

The Golden Arrow

A chapter excerpt from a forthcoming novel by Chris Middleton.[…]

Morpheus Speedway

An extract from the forthcoming satirical novel by Chris Middleton.[…]

Miss Edie

A new recreation of Chris’ national prize-winning short story.[…]


Robots, skateboards, rare vinyl, moon memorabilia, Deco, and more…[…]


A visual miscellany of things that Chris loves, does, or follows.[…]

Publishing Tales

Weird scenes, strange people, and casualties on the publishing front line.[…]

Early Life

Clicky the Space-Age Boy and other strange, true tales.[…]

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Brief excerpts from the lyrics of Chris’ huge songbook.[…]


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